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Brass mesh is a metal mesh product made of an alloy with copper and zinc as the main components. The addition of zinc can increase the plasticity of copper and increase the hardness and tensile strength of the alloy. The most commonly used brass mesh material contains approximately 65% copper and 35% zinc.

Compared with copper mesh, brass mesh is cheaper and can save costs in electromagnetic shielding applications, but the effect is slightly inferior. Both have a wide range of applications in the field of filtration and screening. In addition, because the brass has a natural golden color, it is very popular as a decorative material in the architecture field.

Brass mesh is the general term for all mesh products made of brass. According to the product form, it is mainly divided into woven mesh, perforated mesh, expanded mesh and laser cut screens.

Hightop is one of the brass mesh manufacturers and suppliers. We have been in the field of metal mesh manufacturing for 20 years and have a rich product line, including stainless steel mesh, aluminum mesh, copper mesh, bronze screen, bronze mesh, window screen mesh, etc. In addition to rapid production, we also keep a large inventory of products to meet the large needs of customers, ensure delivery time and save customer costs.

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