Woven Brass Wire Mesh Screen

The common brass wire mesh screen on the market is usually woven, and the fine woven mesh is mainly used in the field of filtration and screening, as well as window screens for commercial purposes. In addition, it is also used for electromagnetic shielding. Compared with copper mesh, it can save costs; Because its unique golden yellow appearance can create a glorious artistic sense, brass wire mesh is widely used in architecture exterior and interior decoration materials, such as cabinet doors, space divider, room partition, etc.

The weave method of brass wire mesh screen is generally plain or twill weave. The mesh of plain weave can reach 160 mesh, and the mesh of twill weave can reach 280 mesh.

Hightop is a leading woven brass wire mesh manufacturer and supplier, supplying various meshes and sizes of wire mesh products. The width of the mesh ranges from 0.5-1.8m and the length can reach 30 meters. Other sizes can also be customized according to customer requirements.

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woven brass mesh screen

brass wire mesh screen

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