Brass Perforated Sheet Metal

Brass perforated sheet is a metal mesh product in which various openings are punched on a brass sheet by a punching machine. Because of its golden color, it is widely used in architecture interior and exterior decoration materials. There are a variety of hole types for mesh openings to choose from, such as round holes, square holes, slot holes, star holes and other decorative hole shapes.

Brass perforated sheet metal is also widely used in filtering and sieving filters. It can be used to make various metal filter products, such as filter barrels, cone filters, filter baskets, and multilayer filters combined with fine woven mesh, etc.

perforated brass sheet mesh

brass perforated sheet

round hole perforated metal mesh

Straight round hole

square hole perforated mesh

Square hole pattern

Copper cash

Straight rectangular hole

Slotted perforated metal sheet

Round end slotted hole


Pattern 13

Pattern 15

Pattern 17

Pattern-19 Union Jack


brass perforated metal

Staggered round hole pattern

square hole perforated sheet metal

Square hole diagonal pattern

Hexagonal hole perforated metal sheet

Hexagonal hole

Brass perforated mesh

Oval hole

decorative perforated metal sheet

Checker hole pattern

Pattern 12

Pattern 14

Pattern 16

Pattern 18

Pattern 20


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