Antique Decorative Brass Mesh

Decorative brass mesh are popular in the field of architectural decoration because of their natural golden yellow. The most commonly used brass material has a chemical composition of about 65% copper and 35% zinc, which is called “270 brass” in the industry; followed by 260 brass, which has a chemical composition of 70% copper and 30% zinc.

In addition, there is an antique brass mesh material, which is not brass but stainless steel with a antique brass finished surface. Its color and effect are not inferior to brass, but the price is cheaper than brass.

The main types of decorative brass mesh products are as follows:

  • Decorative brass wire mesh
  • Crimped wire mesh
  • Perforated metal
  • Expanded metal
  • Laser cut screen
  • Metal curtain, etc.
decorative brass mesh sheet


decorative brass curtain

Decorative brass curtain

decorative copper brass wire mesh


decorative laser cut brass mesh screen

Laser cut panel

decorative brass mesh screen




decorative brass spiral mesh

Decorative brass spiral mesh

decorative brass mesh screen


Flexible brass wire mesh

CRWM-2 Flexible

Architectural brass wire mesh




decorative wire screen

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