Perforated Brass Mesh Sheets & Panels

The material of perforated brass mesh sheet and panel is an alloy composed of copper and zinc. Brass mesh panels have good ductility and higher strength than that copper. It is a versatile metal mesh product. Zinc in brass plays an important role, it can increase the hardness, wear resistance and tensile strength of the alloy.

Brass mesh sheets have a variety of product forms, and each product type has different uses, such as:

  • Woven brass mesh: mainly used for filtering, screening, window screens, electromagnetic shielding, decorative mesh, etc.;
  • Perforated brass sheet: screening filter, architectural decoration net
  • Expanded brass mesh panels: also known as diamond mesh, mainly used for decoration.
  • Laser cut sheet: The mesh size is accurate, and various complicated patterns can be customized.
brass perforated sheet

Brass perforated sheet

brass expanded metal

Brass expanded metal

brass wire mesh sheet

Wire Mesh Sheet

perforated brass mesh sheet

Perforated brass mesh

brass expanded metal

Flattened expanded metal

laser cut brass mesh sheet

Laser cut brass mesh sheet

Brass mesh sheets Application

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